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Window Treatment Ideas for the Perfect Bluegrass Home

Kentucky weather is known for one thing—being unpredictable! We’ve all heard that popular phrase at one point: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait.” Staying ahead of the curve in our four-season climate is no easy feat, and no one envies the weatherman’s job.

So, what does that mean for your home? It means you can expect a lot of different challenges in protecting one of your most precious investments. While that is a multi-faceted job, today we want to give you some window treatment ideas for your Kentucky home.


Plantation shutters – The Southern Classic

A popular topic this month in our blog, you can never go wrong with the southern classic of plantation shutters. Available in various materials, ranging from wood to composites, the louvers are perfect for shielding against the extreme heat and cold temperatures you can experience in the same week here in Kentucky!

Roller Shades – Form Meets Function

Depending on how your house is oriented in relation to the rising and setting of the sun, certain rooms can quickly turn into a sauna (and not the kind you want). For rooms such as these, we typically recommend roller shades. As a single piece of fabric that can come in a variety of opacities, they can make shielding your home from the sun and its UV rays all too easy.

If this room is one you have reason to add additional privacy to, choosing a blackout fabric that’s completely opaque will solve your problem without breaking a sweat! Of course, always make sure your windows are properly sealed. Consult our previous blog entry for choosing the energy efficient window treatment ideas.

The Great Indoors

Here in the bluegrass state, many of us feel just as at home among nature as we do in our actual homes. Adding a dash of this quality to your home is the perfect accent for any Kentucky home. Woven wood shades are the perfect, minimal, and distinctive touch to accomplish exactly that.

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