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Declutter Before the Holidays

Before the holiday season begins is the prime time to declutter and get ready for the rush of guests, gifts and holiday activities.

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Here are some areas you can work on decluttering and organizing before the rush begins at Thanksgiving:

Clean out the closets to make room for hiding and receiving presents. If your closet is your only option to hide presents, you need to make sure you have the space after you start shopping!

Organize your kitchen and create zones. Each zone will have the common ingredients or supplies readily available that you know you’ll need. Love to bake during the holidays? Have your stand mixer near your flour and sugar canisters. If you have grandkids visiting during their long break, then create a spot just for their snacks. If you’ll have guests staying with you, set up a self-serve breakfast bar so that’s one meal you won’t have to worry about.

Clean out your pantry, fridge and freezer before you stock up on holiday party groceries. It may not be a fun task, but try to organize those areas before you bring in more food to store. That way, you’ll avoid anything stuck at the back, expiring without you noticing. Plus, you can use what you already have for a few weeks before you stock up for those big holiday meals.

Declutter your decorations. They take up a lot of space and it’s tempting to continue adding to your collection each year. But, before you do, go through what you already have. Try to condense and only keep what you know you’ll continue to use. If you know a newly married couple, message them to see if they need any of your older decorations that are still in good shape.

Take a close look at your pathways and dining room. If you’re hosting parties or family get togethers, you’ll have more people moving around your home than normal. What will get in their way? Take a look at where they’ll be standing, sitting and walking throughout your home. You may have to rearrange some furniture or even store a few pieces for the holiday season to save space.

This is not the most fun part of the season, but it will make it more pleasant and less stressful. Everything will have a place, and you won’t be wrestling with anything to fit into a closet or pantry. Then, you’ll be able to put it all away at the end of the holidays and hopefully have a little spare room, too!

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