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How to Design and Organize the Perfect Home Office

Organization in the office is more than just keeping your papers in a filing cabinet. It starts with how your room is designed, and finishes with the way your computer documents are organized.  

You may be looking at your office right now and wonder how you will ever get it cleaned up and organized, but it can be done! Here are your first steps:

-Shred the papers

You may have papers strewn all over your desk, but do you really need them? Is it something that can be scanned and kept on your computer? Is it something you will need daily, monthly, or weekly? Unless it’s a daily need, put it away.

If it’s junk mail, or something you don’t need, shred it. What’s left, organize into folders. You don’t have to keep them in the folders forever, but it will help you keep everything straight until you get your system figured out.

-Examine your process

Whether you use your home office strictly for paying bills, planning vacations and making phone calls, or you use it for your job, examine how you work. Some people spend a lot of time at their desk on a computer, where other people may spend most of their time on the phone and sorting paperwork.  Figure out your process and the things you need access to most regularly.  

-Design your new layout

This is where we can help! Contact us to help design a home office that will fit your space and your work process. Here are some great additions we can make to your office:

-Laminate Cabinets, Shelving and Drawers


-Display photos and memorabilia

-File paperwork

-Store and display book collection

-Organize office supplies

-Wire Shelving

-Hang over your desk or in closet for extra organization

-Use for crafting, gift wrapping or sewing supplies.


-Use as an extra work and storage space to draw out plans, organize paperwork and more.

-Window Treatments

-Choose from blindsshutters or shades.

-Roller and Solar shades offer versatility for your office. With varying degrees of light filtering, you’ll be able to let in natural light or minimize it to decrease glare on your computer screen or tablet.  

-All of our options give you style and function.

-Organize your office

Once your space is designed, it’s time to move back into the room and get organized.  Remember the key is to have a designated spot for each item. You may also want to leave some space available for new items you know you’ll collect over time.  Once everything has a place, you’ll feel more productive, as long as you keep putting it back in its designated spot.

Here are some great organizational tips for your office:

-Label bread tags and attach them to each of your cords so you know what each cord goes to.

-Attach binder clips to your desk to keep your charging wires for your tablet or phone from falling to the ground.  

-Label everything! Whether you’re storing instruction manuals to your electronics, or just your daily mail, here are some great ideas for keeping it all organized and in one place.

-Keep your desk clutter at a minimum. It might be tempting to fill your desk up with binders, office supply holders and pictures, but choose wisely what you keep on your desk.  If you don’t, you’ll be constantly working around clutter, which could hinder your productivity.

-Don’t neglect your computer documents! You may have all your papers in the proper folder in your filing cabinet, but what about your computer? Start organizing all of those documents and files.  Also, take a look at your downloads folder. This is a folder many people fill up without a second thought, which can slow down your computer.

The key is to find your organizational system and stick to it! If you would like to discuss how we can help you create the perfect home office, contact us today!

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