Every holiday season comes with its own challenges and surprises. But, there are some that you know you can expect. Let’s look at a few of these holiday challenges and see how a little organization can actually help you overcome them!

Before the holiday season begins is the prime time to declutter and get ready for the rush of guests, gifts and holiday activities. If you’re looking for better ways to organize your kitchen pantry, office or closets, then contact us for a consultation. Here are some areas you can work on decluttering and organizing before […]

We all know spring cleaning isn’t always the highlight of the season, but it’s a necessity to keep your home clean and welcoming for family and friends. If you’re looking for motivation to kick-start your cleaning and decluttering, then here are some surprising discoveries you can make while spring cleaning.

The Home and Garden Show is one of our favorite times of the year and this past weekend’s event was a success as usual. People looking to remodel, build and those just searching for new ideas stopped by and talked with us. As the weekend progressed I noticed there was one question I kept getting: […]

Everyone in the family uses the pantry and it can be frustrating trying to find exactly what you want or need. You may put everything away neatly, but the kids may not. So this spring, make it easier on yourself and the kids! Here are 5 steps to an organized pantry, so it will (hopefully) stay that […]

So you’ve finally decided that enough is enough and you need extra shelving in your home in the New Year. Adding a little extra shelving can help save time and headaches in the long run and is a budget-friendly option for homeowners. Whether it’s adding extra shelving to your closet or in your kitchen or […]

As the housing market continues to stabilize, predictions are coming in for 2016. A 2015 study from the Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) of Harvard University, predicted that remodeling spending will grow from 2.4 percent to 6.8 percent in the second quarter of 2016. According to Chris Herbert, Managing Director of the Joint Center, […]

Are you drowning in Christmas wrapping paper this holiday season? All of that wrapping paper and supplies can cause unnecessary clutter  in your home and while wrapping presents may fill you with holiday cheer, it’s time to get organized and say goodbye to the clutter! Your friends at Dannemueller Blinds, Shutters, Closets are experts when it […]

One of the most highly debated clothing storage topics is rolling versus folding. Many people may not know the rolling technique and may think that folding is the only solution. Others, who have discovered rolling, believe it’s the only solution. For everyone, packing is a big hassle and with the holidays approaching, you need as […]

Ironically, one of the messiest places in most homes is where cleaning supplies are stored. You probably have that closet in mind right now. Cleaning supplies, brooms, dusters and more are haphazardly thrown into that one space and the door is kept shut. So, let’s remedy that problem with these quick tips on transforming your […]