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3 Pet Friendly Home Hacks

They’re just the cutest!

Their snuggles and kisses as a wake up alarm…  

And they’re always doing something adorable or hilarious.

They’re angels….

Until they’re not…

Even your furry best friend makes mistakes! Or can simply wreak a little havoc on your home when you’re not looking.

So, let’s talk about some ways to keep your house a little more pet friendly so they stay safe, cuddly and happy.  


  • Add pet friendly window treatments.

Pets like to look outdoors just as much as we do. Does your pet know when you come home everyday? Most likely they’re waiting to see your car pull up in the driveway, so give them a better, safer view!

Roller Shades, Indoor Shutters and even Faux-Wood Blinds are great options for any pet friendly home. Blinds generally aren’t a good idea, but the Faux-Wood blinds are extremely durable and flexible, so they don’t easily break. With blinds and shades, try to keep them slightly open so your pet can see outside, without having to wrestle with the window treatment. Check out these treatments for pet proofing your windows.

And for your cat that loves to mess with cords, choose a cordless option! Or, at least keep the cord on a tie so it’s out of reach. Here are some specific cat-friendly tips!

Add childproof latches on doors and trash cans.

Your pet is probably pretty smart and really good at giving you innocent looks … so it’s best not to underestimate what they can get into. Use childproof latches on anything that you don’t want your pet exploring.

It’s never fun to come home and find trash all over the floor, so don’t forget to latch your trash can, too, or hide it inside a cabinet.  

Plus, you don’t want them gorging on their snacks or food, so make sure these are in a secure location as well!

Choose the right furniture.  

If you already have your furniture, then you might want to purchase a cover or throw to go over your pet’s favorite spot.  This will also help protect your furniture from scratches or upholstery being damaged.

A great hack is to buy furniture that has upholstery similar to the color of your pet.  That way, any pet hair you aren’t able to get to when unexpected guests arrive will blend in. Check out more pet-friendly hacks here!

By making the right additions to your home, you can minimize frustration with your best friend! They’ll stay out of trouble and safe while you’re away during the day.

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