Have you ever walked into a room without anything covering the windows? The room looks open and has plenty of natural light…but it also can make the room look bland and bare. Part of making a house a home is adding your own style to it, while still considering the functionality of the home. Window […]

  Organization in the office is more than just keeping your papers in a filing cabinet. It starts with how your room is designed, and finishes with the way your computer documents are organized.   You may be looking at your office right now and wonder how you will ever get it cleaned up and […]

  Paint colors are one of the most important decisions you make as a homeowner. We all know too well that there have been many fights over finding the perfect color that matches many personalities and styles. With the New Year just beginning, many people may have renovating their homes and sprucing up those existing […]

Previously, we wrote a blog about people who prefer to sleep in dark rooms and which window treatments are best to block out light. But, we felt it necessary to include everyone, even people who can sleep in any light conditions. So, think about your sleep style and check out our recommendations for people don’t […]

Taking care of contemporary roman shades doesn’t have to be a hassle! As with any window treatment, proper maintenance and care should be a continual to-do on your list. Taking pride in making your home look its best year-round is no easy feat; but being up to the task is equal measures diligence and elbow grease! If you have […]

Being the owner of Dannenmueller Blinds, Shutters, and Closets, I’ve seen a lot of homeowners going through the arduous, yet rewarding, process of a home remodel. In all my travels, I’ve seen those who have planned ahead and benefited from it, and others who haven’t. Home remodeling is a delicate balance of blood, sweat, tears, […]

Being the authority on all things blinds, shades and shutters is a full-time job! Having encountered hundreds, if not thousands, of homes in my time as blind authority here in western Kentucky, I’ve seen a lot of home going through a costly home remodeling process. I’ve been happy to be a part of those homes […]

More often than not, my customers are always looking for a fresh perspective on ways to spruce up their home décor. That’s why they call me!  During home remodels, I tell home owners that the sky is the limit (and not the roof)! A popular item on many of their to-do lists is, of course, […]

During a home remodel, the last thing you want is more work and more stress! Amidst the cloud of clutter and dust, it’s not uncommon to find yourself more frazzled than dazzled! During this time, having a clear vision of what you want to see when the dust finally settles is paramount. Today, we talk […]

It seems like a daunting task, knowing how to measure windows for blinds and shades is critical to a home improvement project. The pressure to measure accurately can make a steady hand quite shaky, with the slightest error resulting in an improper fit or uneven installation. We believe in the time-honored adage of measuring twice […]