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Kill the Clutter One Closet At A Time

Homeowners don’t just need shelving, they need a functional flow to their home and closets. That’s where we’re able to help! During our in-home consultations, we’re assessing your needs and will help you create an organizational flow that will work for your entire family.

The goal is to maximize every organizational space you have. We build a closet that works and maximizes every inch of storage space you have available. Once you’ve killed the clutter and wasted closet space, you’ll be able to relax at home again.

As a Closetmaid® Authorized Dealer, we offer a variety of shelving options that will work in any room or closet. From wire shelving to laminate systems, your closets will transform from a stressed-filled maze to a natural flow of items.

We offer organizational systems for every room in the house

Shelving & Organizational Styles

Closetmaid® offers two main types of closet systems: Wire Shelving and Laminate Shelving. Below are a few key details about each.

Closetmaid® Wire Shelving

Made in the USA, the ventilated wire shelving comes in white and gives an economical option for upgrading your closets. You can choose from having a Shelf and Rod which is the most affordable shelving option that divides the clothing rod in 1 ft. sections. Or, you can have the Total Slide or Super Slide rods which gives you the ability to hang and slide clothes without any restrictions. This type of shelving works well in the laundry room, bedroom and pantry.

Not sure it will be strong enough for your items? “We will be happy to do a chin up on the shelving we install to show you how sturdy and strong it is.”- Sharon Scheer, Professional Installer

Closetmaid® Laminate Shelving

These systems are designed to be personalized to your needs. The MasterSuite® collection gives you a variety of finishes to choose from so it only adds to the style of your home and never clashes with it. You choose the color, the hardware and the accessories. It’s more than shelving and drawers. It’s an organizational system that will eliminate wasted time spent looking for your favorite dress, tie or necklace.

Extras that make your closet more functional:

  • Jewelry inserts keep your jewelry secure and fits nicely into the layout of your closet.
  • Hidden hamper. No one wants to see dirty clothes, so keep them hidden but easily accessible.
  • Shoe rack keeps your shoes from collecting on the floor. This keeps each pair within reach and organized.

Why hire a professional installer?

  • We design an organizational flow that works for your family before we install.
  • Your average box store does not provide the quality or options we have access to.
  • We take accurate measurements and install these systems properly. You won’t have a wire shelf that comes off the wall after a few months.
  • We minimize wasted space and maximize storage space.

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