Light can enhance the color and atmosphere of a room. Choosing the right window treatment can help complement the room’s natural light instead of completely blocking it. When you enter a room without window coverings, it feels empty and out of place. But, choosing the wrong ones, can also make it feel dark and uninviting. […]

Allergy season can cripple the best of us. You spend weeks, if not months avoiding the outdoors, right when all you want to do is spend time at the pool or in your garden. Not to mention the piles of tissues you’ve used and number of meetings you’ve interrupted with your sneezing.   It’s not […]

Taking care of contemporary roman shades doesn’t have to be a hassle! As with any window treatment, proper maintenance and care should be a continual to-do on your list. Taking pride in making your home look its best year-round is no easy feat; but being up to the task is equal measures diligence and elbow grease! If you have […]

Our pets are the heart and soul of our home. At times though, they can definitely feel more like a burden than a joy. Whenever they rip up the carpet, make a mess in the kitchen, or any other myriad of problems they might be at the center of, it can be tough to remember […]

It’s that time of year again, when we shake off the cobwebs, throw open the doors and windows and welcome spring with open arms. Kentucky’s four-season weather can often cram all four into one month, but we relish in the days that give us 70 degrees and cloudless skies! For homeowners everywhere that means it’s […]

Plantation shutters are some of the most gorgeous window treatments you can dress your window with. Their versatility and distinctive styling give them a life that creates a vibrant setting for any home. Keeping your shutters in tip-top condition helps them continue to add that vibrancy for years after the purchase, making them a purchase […]

Finding affordable solutions for every aspect in your home can be nearly impossible. No matter how big your budget is, somewhere a corner is bound to get cut. Luckily, if you’re looking into a home renovation project and your windows are on the list, we’ve got an affordable window treatment for you—aluminum blinds!

Can you remember the last time you cleaned your blinds? If your answer is NO, you’re not alone. Blinds are an easy item to overlook in a regular cleaning routine, even for the clean freaks among us. Luckily, cleaning and restoring your blinds to their like-new luster (be they aluminum, wood, or vinyl; vertical or […]