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How to Choose the Right Window Treatment

Light can enhance the color and atmosphere of a room. Choosing the right window treatment can help complement the room’s natural light instead of completely blocking it.

When you enter a room without window coverings, it feels empty and out of place. But, choosing the wrong ones, can also make it feel dark and uninviting.

If you’re tired of your old curtains or are moving into your new home, here is how to choose the right window treatment.

Consider Functionality

First, consider the function of your window treatment. You may have many different reasons why you want something covering your window. It could be for privacy, fashion or both.  Here are some functions your window treatments may play:


You have a huge window looking out onto your backyard. You love looking out there during the day, but at night, are you ok with it being uncovered? Or, is there a bathroom that looks almost directly into your neighbor’s home? You may want this window easily covered throughout the day.


Protects belongings:

Natural light helps everyone’s mood, no matter the time of year. But, direct sunlight coming through the window could damage your belongings. Closing your shades or shutters during the day, can help protect your carpet or furniture fabric from fading or discoloration.


Climate control:

During the summer, sunlight pouring through the windows may be pretty, but it can increase the temperature which means a higher electric bill. So closing your shutters or blinds can help keep your home cool in the summer and help trap in heat during the winter.


Complement the Room’s Fashion

Examine the style of your room and then decide which treatment would complement it best.



Do you want to block out the majority of the light but want to add a little color to your space? Shades may be a good choice for you then. They can even fit some oddly shaped windows. You can add room darkening liners to shades to provide better insulation and privacy.

Many people prefer a wood look, but may not like the style of shutters or blinds. That’s ok! Our shades come in a wood option as well, made from natural material combinations of bamboo, rattan, reeds, jutes, woods, and grasses.

Our Roller Shades also give you the option for light filtering or room darkening for complete privacy. For those hard to reach places, you can even add a motorized option so the shades are always shut when you want.



For centuries, shutters have been the preferred window treatment, adding functional style to a home. They provide light control options so you’re able to choose your level of privacy and light pouring into the room.  

They give a room a very clean, uniform look, without completely blocking out the natural light.



Blinds allow you to block sunlight for full doors or just a window.  These allow for more economical options for your home, with the faux wood blinds.

Or, if you’re wanting to complement the colors in your home or make your window stand apart from your neutral walls, then try the classic aluminum blinds.  They come in neutrals, pastels, jewel-tones and metallics to fit your style.


You want to choose a window treatment that will compliment the room without blocking the natural light.  And, if you’re suffering from allergies this season, you want to keep your home allergy friendly. Blinds and shutters can help you do this!

Choosing the right window treatment can be a fun decision when you know all of your options are functional and stylish. Contact us today about our shutters, shades and blinds options.

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