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What are the Best Window Treatments for your Sleep Style? Part 2: Basking in the Light

Previously, we wrote a blog about people who prefer to sleep in dark rooms and which window treatments are best to block out light.

But, we felt it necessary to include everyone, even people who can sleep in any light conditions.

So, think about your sleep style and check out our recommendations for people don’t need to sleep in complete darkness.

The biggest perk of being someone who can sleep in any amount of light is that you have more options when picking your window treatments! You can choose from tons of fun, unique selections. Or, you can compromise and opt for one that is both decorative and functional. Peruse a few of our favorite window treatments best for your sleep style!


  • Vertical Blinds by Kathy Ireland Home are a consistent favorite because of their decorative versatility. Customers can choose from hundreds of styles. You can customize these blinds to fit into your home decor – choose from textured vinyls or fabrics like weaves and grass-like fashions. And for the times you’re not in the room, try Insert Groovers for better insulation, light control and added privacy.
  • Do you still think that aluminum is old school? Think again with Kathy Ireland Home Aluminum Blinds. The durability of aluminum hasn’t changed, but the options have increased. Available colors range from classic white to jewel tones and metallics. Catch some Z’s in the glow of the metallic gold sun reflected off your new blinds.
  • If you want to wake up with the sun, keep your windows relatively bare with Normandy Shutters by Norman Shutters. They’re the most streamlined in performance and value, and look fantastic in many different home settings.
  • Custom-fit shutters that can be ordered in 50 different paint or stain colors, provide a more distinctive window treatment option. And if unique is what you’re going for, look no further than the Sussex Shutters by Norman Shutters!


Bask in the light and sleep easy with Dannenmueller Blinds, Shutters, and Closets! We are an authorized dealer of Kathy Ireland Home and Norman Shutters. So, all of these window treatments and more can be yours with a simple call to schedule your free estimate.

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