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Utilizing Solar Shades During Summer

As the seasons change, your window treatments should change as well; or at the very least, acclimate to the changing temperature. Being a homeowner means playing caretaker on a 24/7/365 basis and being in control of how your home uses energy should be a main priority. Window treatments fall squarely in that category!

So as we sneak into summer, what can you do for your windows and home? Let’s take a look at utilizing solar shades during summer (with an extra helping at the end) and their various benefits!



Roller and solar shades offer plentiful options and styles that can fit any home décor you already have in place.  And when installed correctly, they can be very effective at saving energy.

To be effective, a shade should be mounted as close to the glass as possible with the sides of the shade held close to the wall to establish a sealed space. Keeping them closely mounted helps keep out light as well, which in a bedroom or media room is incredibly important!

Using dual blinds (one side that is dark and one side that is light or reflective) can assist in keeping your home the perfect temperature as well. By reflecting sunlight away from your home during the summer, and absorbing it during winter, the benefit is felt year-round!


Window shutters, both interior and exterior, can help reduce heat gain and loss in your home. Interior shutters need plenty of room to swing open and fasten safely, and exterior shutters will need to be integrated into the architecture of your home. For both styles, it’s easier to assess these issues during a new build.

Exterior shutters offer several unique advantages – such as weather protection, added security, no use of interior space and no thermal shock to the windows if left closed.

Louvered shutters are good for providing summer shade while still providing natural light into your home. Solid shutters however can prevent both heat gain and heat loss during winter by acting as a solid cover for the window. The inner air between it and the window acts as an insulator.

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