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Tips for Insulating Your Home for Summer!

April showers brought May flowers, and with it, it has brought the Kentucky heat and humidity we all desperately craved in the early months of 2015!

While some of us may be recanting what we wished for in those colder months, the warm weather is here to stay and the need to shore up your home has never been more real, and you know what they say—an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! So, today, we discuss some handy tips for insulating your home for summer!


Cell Shades are great insulators.

Cell shading takes its name from the pockets built into the body of the shade. The more cells, and the bigger they are, the more energy efficient they are. Inside, the cells trap air which helps to create a buffer between the outside air and the air in your home. Preventing extreme temperature change is crucial to keeping energy costs low.

Shutters keep in the air you want inside.

Shutters are a great natural insulator because they are thick and fit tightly over your window coverings, allowing a minimal amount of air to seep through. We have a myriad of shutters to choose from for your home, which you can take a look at here!

In-A-Pinch Solutions

We’ve discussed several solutions like these before, but sometimes it is more important to get a quick-fix put in while a more permanent solution is devised. A few more to consider:

  • Bubble wrap is an effective insulator. For the same reason that cell shades are as well—those pockets of air act as buffers between the outside air and your home.
  • Use reflective films that apply directly to your window. Installed yourself or by a professional, these films are great at reflecting heat.
  • Speaking of reflecting heat, using lighter (or white) colors on your window treatments are solid ways of reflecting heat away from your home. Avoid dark colors that absorb.

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