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The Low Down on Top-Down Bottom-Up Shades

More often than not, my customers are always looking for a fresh perspective on ways to spruce up their home décor. That’s why they call me!  During home remodels, I tell home owners that the sky is the limit (and not the roof)!

A popular item on many of their to-do lists is, of course, window treatments. For those looking for a new angle on their window treatments, look no further than top-down bottom-up shades!


Top-Down Bottom-Up Shades

Top-down bottom-up shades (let’s just refer to these as TDBU for the rest of this entry) are incredibly useful in all types of rooms and situations. For ground-floor level rooms in your home, a TBDU treatment will allow you the level of privacy you desire while allowing light into the room through the top section.

This is particularly helpful for your TV/media room, where glare is your number one problem. TDBU shades would allow you to raise the bottom portion to a level that shields the TV screen while allowing a controlled level of natural light in your room.

Cut the Cord

These shades go great with cordless lift options, offering a clean-cut and minimalist look. Another great addition is a remote kit which gives you unprecedented control over the lighting conditions in your room with only the lift of a finger.

Tri-Light Shades

While not a standard TDBU, tri-light shades operate on the same idea just in a bit different way.

Generally, the bottom portion of a tri-light is a cellular shade fitted with a heavy light-filtering or blackout option. The top portion consists of a lighter fabric that allows for much more light than their bottom counterparts.

Tri-Lights are a great, fashionable way to add a sense of style and utility to your home. With a variety of fabrics and colors at our disposal, there’s no room in your home that these window treatments can’t help!


Of course, thinking horizontally, mounting two shades on one head-rail (with a great-looking valence) can assist in much the same manner if privacy is not much of a concern in the room.

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