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What Surprising Discoveries You Can Make While Spring Cleaning

Old Outfits to Rejuvenate

You used to wear it every week for a year, but now it’s stuck at the back of the closet. But before you put it in the giveaway pile, use your creativity.

Is there something newer you could pair with it to make a brand new outfit? Would adding a scarf, blazer or new necklace give it a brand new look? If so, keep it and start wearing it again!

No one has to know it’s five years old.

Save Time and Improve your Mornings

If you stress in front of your closet saying “I can’t find anything to wear!” every day, then it may be time to take a step back, declutter and organize.

After doing so, your closet will be a haven for fashion creativity, instead of a stress-filled box of unorganized clothes.

It makes for a much better start to your days.

Fond Memories Return

You may find an old note, outfit or souvenir that brings back fond memories. Reminisce, but don’t forget to share your stories with your family. They’ll love hearing your funny and exciting experiences of days gone by.

A friend shared this story with us: “I wasn’t too keen on helping clean out my grandparent’s home, until I found their old love letters. On the surface they were a little boring. Just recounting everyday happenings, but it was a piece of their past I wish I could have witnessed for myself. After that, I was a little more motivated to keep cleaning.”

A Chance to Give

Cardboard donation box with clothes

We’ve all been there. The outfit we loved wearing … now doesn’t fit.

If it’s still in style, someone else will probably love it too.

Give it to a thrift store or charity and remember you’re passing on a great fashion piece to someone who needs it.


Share your fun discoveries with us while spring cleaning this season! We would love to hear your stories.

If you’re looking for an easier way to keep your closets organized, contact us to see how we can find the right solution for your space at 270-441-2305!

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