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Small Bathroom Hacks Everyone Should Know

Every home is unique, but one struggle remains the same throughout all of them—to utilize every square inch of space efficiently! Whether your home is big or small, a mansion or an apartment, the need to keep everything properly organized and orderly is universal.

In the past, we’ve discussed ways for properly utilizing space in a small closet, but in today’s post, we aim to bring you five of the best small bathroom hacks we’ve found that can help you take advantage of every square inch of that all-important space.

Shower rods are for more than curtains. Using them as a means for storage in your shower can be one of the most effective methods of organizing your products. Some people like to use racks that hang from the showerhead’s stem, which can be problematic as they tend to slip over time. Using a shower rod also keeps product bottles off the edge of the tub, where they can be knocked off easily, which gives any bathroom a cluttered and messy feel.


Use a magnetic strip to keep small, hard-to-find items in reach, and out of sight. By installing a magnetic strip on the back of a cabinet door, you can easily keep track of all those loose bobby pins you’d otherwise lose, or help store razors securely. This simple small bathroom hack is one of the handiest on our list, and will help you wrangle in the loose clutter than can accumulate so easily in a smaller space.


Install a bookshelf above the door. You may not want to store your most commonly-used items there, a simple shelf above the door can help you maximize the vertical space in any bathroom. It’s a great space for storing extra bath tissue, towels (rolled, and not folded!), or cleaning supplies. High storage of products with potentially harmful chemicals will keep them out of reach of a child’s prying hands as well.


Extend counter space over the toilet. Another example of maximizing your vertical space, utilize the area over the back of your toilet. If your vanity sits directly next to it, extending the counter top over to the next wall can help alleviate all the clutter around the sink, and it pairs perfectly with our next suggestion.


Extend the mirror beyond your vanity. Incorporating a larger mirror into a smaller space has many advantages. For one, it’s has a psychological effect—reflecting more space often fools the brain into thinking the room is larger than it actually is. Aside from that though, it allows the opportunity for two people to use the space simultaneously. Combined with additional counter space, the usefulness of your small bathroom can be doubled in no time.

The best teacher is experience, and over time we’re sure you’ll develop a list of your own useful small bathroom hacks.  We’d love to be a part of the next addition to your home.

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