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Simple Ways to Kill Kitchen Cabinet Clutter

1. Create open shelving.

Remove the doors from your cabinets and paint inside to match your kitchen’s wall color. Open shelving is especially great for smaller kitchens and will make any kitchen feel airy and more open. Like the idea but arean’t sure if you’re ready for your cabinet’s insides to be on display? Find out if you’re ready for open kitchen shelving here.


2. Create layers of storage using shelevs within shelves.

Use wire standing shelves or a corner shelf organizer to lift and separate your dishes, keeping like items together. Now you won’t have to take out stacks of bowls to get to the plates underneath them.


3. Hang your coffee cups.

Not only does hanging your coffee cups add coziness to your kitchen, it creates extra storage space below.


4. Create perfectly-sized slots for serving trays, platters and cutting boards.

Position small tension rods vertically between two shelves, placing two rods between each flat item you’d like to store.


5. Organize and de-clutter your pots and their lids.

Install small towel rods inside the door of the cabinet that holds your pots. You can slide the lids behind the bar so that the knob or handle catches and holds the lid in place.


6. Put that Lazy-Susan to work.

In your kitchen cabinets, group like items such as honeys and jams together on a Lazy-Susan so that all it’ll take to find the right item is a SPIN.


7. Transform your food in a thing of beauty.

Store things like cerals and baking needs in labeled, clear canisters. Not only does it look clean and stylish, it’ll make it easier to see when you’re running low on things.


8. Repurpose coffee tins and soup cans.

Use wrapping or wallpaper that matches your kitchen decor to cover old coffee tins or soup cans. Use them to house odds and ends that would otherwise be roaming free and loose in your junk drawer. It frees up drawer space, and looks nice too!


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