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What Do Your Shutters Say About You?

You use home décor as a representation of your unique personality, but did you know that even your window shutters can reveal your personal characteristics? These three different shutter options each possess their own distinct qualities that resemble the homeowner who chose them.


Woodlore Shutters

-You’re a busy homeowner.

Of course you care about maintaining an elegant ambience in your room, but you don’t necessarily have the time to worry about the upkeep for all of your décor, especially your shutters. With Woodlore shutters, you can have the best of both worlds. Made with real wood in an advanced state, these shutters provide protection against staining and corrosion while delivering the natural beauty of wood in its design.

-You’re independent.

When it comes to your windows, you prefer a treatment that can hold up on its own. You trust Woodlore shutters because they can withstand extremely hot temperatures without compromising the quality of its surface.

-You care about the environment.

The composition of Woodlore shutters doesn’t release volatile organic compound and uses wood from rapid-growth trees,which allows them to replenish more quickly.

Normandy Shutters

-You have a distinct personality.

As a homeowner, you want your décor to bring out your personality in every room. Normandy shutters are known for their distinct wood grain and texture, which adds an extra layer of subtle complexity to your windows. With a touch of paint, you can achieve the perfect room atmosphere, whether rustic, elegant or sleek.

-You are detail-oriented.

The texture of these wood grain shutters is appreciated most by someone with an eye for detail. Stained shutters create deep, rich colors that bring out the intricate patterns of the timber and add new character to the surrounding room.

Sussex Shutters

-You demand the best.

The materials used to make Sussex blinds are hand-sanded and painted/stained multiple times to give it a premium finish that showcases its quality design. Prescription Wood Conditioning treatments ensure that your shutters can stand the test of time against moisture, and you value the structural integrity of its panels.

-You dare to be different.

Sussex shutters are extremely customizable, and you have taken full advantage of the options available to make your décor flawless. Whether it’s color, shape, or movement, you enjoy the challenge of matching your choices to construct a truly unique window solution.

-You have a unique vision.

You’re the type to have oddly shaped windows and doors, which requires special accommodations when it comes your shutters. Sussex shutters are customized for specialty shapes like circles, arches and angles to cater to the unique tastes of distinguished homeowners.

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