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Shoe Organization Inspiration: Classic + Creative

Ladies. Love. Shoes.

The exact numbers vary (see the USA TODAY article, “Women fall head over heels for shoes” here), but the average American woman has anywhere from 20 to 40 pairs of shoes in her fashion arsenal. Even the average American man has around 10. Perhaps we have too many shoes, but whatever the numbers, all too often our most precious pairs end up lumped together with our smelly sneakers and boots. Here are some of our favorite shoe organization tips–a mix of classic and creative storage solutions–for some killer organization inspiration to show your favorite kicks some love.

One of the best ways to organize your shoes is with ClosetMaid’s beautiful and classic Master Suite laminate shelving. The shelves are adjustable, so they can easily accomodate shoes of all shapes and sizes. Add clear or decorative bins and boxes to protect your best and favorite pairs.

Slanted wire shelving installed near the floor of your closet is another affordable and effective way to create space for your shoes. Add shelf liner to add personality and prevent heels from sliding through the wires.

Display or store shoes in wine crates.

Hang shoes using a sleek towel rack and S-hooks.

Display (& organize!) your shoes on an old ladder.

Convert an old, seemingly useless item (like this chicken coop) into a stylish shoe organizer.

Convert an old wooden palate into the perfect home for your kids’ sneakers.

Create a boot-hanging/drying station using simple wooden boards and pegs.

Line your shoes neatly along the sides of your staircase.

Mount brightly painted molding and use it to display your prettiest pairs of shoes.

Buy or create your own fun, elastic shoe storage.

Nail empty metal paint cans to your wall for clean, modern shoe storage–perfect size for sandals!

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