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Quick Tips to Organize your Utility Closet

Ironically, one of the messiest places in most homes is where cleaning supplies are stored. You probably have that closet in mind right now. Cleaning supplies, brooms, dusters and more are haphazardly thrown into that one space and the door is kept shut.

So, let’s remedy that problem with these quick tips on transforming your utility closet into an organized hub of efficiency.


Organizers are your Friend

Mid-sized containers, baskets and drawers are the easiest way to start organizing your utility space. Sort similar items into different organizers – clear containers or drawers are the most practical. If your goal is to beautify as well as organize your closet, then hanging sweater and shoe organizers are attractive alternatives.

Bonus tip: Three words – label, label, label!


Emergency Center

When an appliance breaks or your heat goes out in the middle of winter, you need to find specific information quickly. Create a binder of maintenance and contractor contact information. Use tabs to separate contacts and manuals by room.

In the same drawer or container, keep emergency items like batteries, matches, candles and a hand-cranked radio. Having one supply center can greatly decrease your anxiety level during stressful times.


The Big Stuff

Large items like brooms, mops and ironing boards can be hung on walls or on the back of the utility closet door using hooks or clips. For maximum safety, install any wall hooks with studs. Hanging those items opens up floor space for bigger appliances like vacuums and Shop-Vacs.

If space isn’t an issue, consider decking out a free-standing cart with all the most-used cleaning supplies.

Bonus tip: Find a cart with wheels so you can roll your one-stop cleaning shop around your home in style!


By sorting your supplies and appliances by category, designating an emergency center and having a home for your large items, your organized utility closet will no longer be a dirty little secret.

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