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Privacy vs. Transparency: Choosing The Right Window Treatment

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, what does that say about the windows of your home?

Whether you realize it or not, how you maintain your windows sends off a lot of cues to guests and can go unnoticed by you and your family simply because you’re used to seeing them every day.

So you’re looking to update your current home—great! But you’re also looking to combine style with substance and function. We’re here to help! In today’s post, we’ve gathered some thoughtful advice for choosing the right amount of lighting and privacy when updating the rooms in your home!

1) Bedroom

The first consideration for any bedroom must be privacy, especially if it’s located on the ground floor of your home. However, you don’t want to mask all the natural sunlight that helps you wake up in the mornings.

Honeycomb shades would work well in this situation. You want it to be dark and opaque enough to keep your privacy, but also let enough morning sunlight in to help you beat the snooze button. The cellular design aids in sound absorption, keeping out unwanted noise, and insulates to keep your heating and cooling bills low.

2) Bathroom

There are many options to consider for that small-to-medium size bathroom window. Shutters are definitely one consideration, and could fit in with the other window accents in your home as well.

Opacity is certainly your friend, and fabric that could become wet or billow is out of the question. A simple shutter design can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom and would be an investment in your home and future.

Roller shades would be another option to consider.  Installed with a remote, it can prove to also be one of the most convenient options for that hard-to-reach window above the tub! Privacy could be but a button-press away!

3) Entertainment/Theater Room

Nothing can be peskier than the glare of sunlight on a television screen during your favorite show, movie, or the big game.

Woven wood shades can add that perfect flourish to your room. And by including the optional liner for additional room-darkening, it makes this the perfect pairing of design and function. For that final flourish, you can also have these installed with a remotekit, bringing the perfect movie night only a click away!

4) Foyer

If you live in a home set close to passing traffic or neighbors, it may be appropriate to consider a window treatment with a layer of privacy.

Norman shutters can provide you with that distinguished, personal touch that nothing else can. With a full line of premium custom options that are head-and-shoulder above industry standards, your foyer will greet friends both new and old with an honored distinction.

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