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Oversized Window Treatments And More For Homeowners!

Your home is as unique as you are. It has nooks and crannies, a personality just like yours and probably a problem or two that needs solving. A homeowner’s work is truly never done. That work can be made more complicated if your home has some more unique windows that can’t simply be left bare. If you’re looking for oversized window treatments, skylight options or treatments for those sliding doors in your home, then Dannenmueller Blinds, Shutters and Closets has you covered! Pun intended.

Oversized Window Treatments

They’re easy to fall in love with, but the logistics of those large windows are often left unconsidered. Maybe you didn’t realize how close your neighbors were, or maybe the sun is just way too bright in the mornings or evenings during a certain time of year. Whatever the reason may be, you’re left needing a treatment that will maintain the natural beauty of those big windows, but also help retain some privacy when needed.

Vertical blinds offer a simple and elegant solution to this problem.  And with various control options at your disposal, you can control exactly how much of the outside to let in, and the how much inside to let out. And as a standard feature, our vertical blinds include a valance to add a distinct, finished look.

Skylight Windows

Skylights are a beautiful way to add natural lighting to your home and make a smaller space feel more open. Most don’t consider these windows as something you can add a treatment to, and nothing could be further from the truth!

Considering how out of reach they are, one of the best options for any homeowner would be installing a shade treatment with a remote motorization. Every shade option we offer comes with the option of adding remote motorization, offering versatility to any style your home calls for!

Sliding Door Treatments

Everyone seems to go for vertical blinds as their solution for their sliding doors. However, a panel track treatment can offer the versatile-yet-beautiful solution any homeowner would blush for. Added with a decorative trim, this is a perfect example of turning a problem into a solution that also adds value to your home.

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