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Tabby Cat in the Window

More Cat-Friendly Window Treatments!

This winter has seen more snow and precipitation than we are used to here in the western Kentucky area. If you’re a cat owner, this has surely piqued their interest in the outside world. For those of you with blinds, drapery, or any sort of window treatment, it surely has wreaked havoc on them.

We’ve covered this topic before. But now seems as prudent as a time as ever to revisit the topic of cat-friendly window treatments! That way, your furry felines can enjoy the view and you can enjoy a more beautiful home.


1. Use a cordless window treatment.

Many of our treatments offer a variety of control options. If you’re replacing current treatments, consider a control option that doesn’t have a free-hanging wand or cord. Or, keep the cord on a tie that leaves it out of reach. There’s nothing worse than a blind you can’t open or close properly!

2. Invest in a durable treatment.

Each treatment offers different materials for construction. Whether you’re building a home from the ground up, or replacing ones in an existing home, be sure to take your feline fellows into consideration. Fabric treatments may not break like other blinds, but could be climbed if your cat is prone to such activity.

3. Vertical blinds offer a viable solution.

Often the problem with blinds is that the slats run horizontal, and your cat is far larger than the space between each slat. When it bends them back and forth repeatedly, they cause stress fractures and eventually they will break.

Vertical blinds give your cat the ability to move the blinds aside without risk of breaking. They also allow you to retain your privacy. It’s a win-win.

4. Faux-wood? No problem.

Indoor shutters simply don’t offer your cat the option to get in the window. Alongside the fact that indoor shutters can be one of the most fashionable treatments you can add to your windows, makes them a popular solution to this very problem.

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