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How to Organize Shoes and Keep Them Looking New

The Home and Garden Show is one of our favorite times of the year and this past weekend’s event was a success as usual.

People looking to remodel, build and those just searching for new ideas stopped by and talked with us. As the weekend progressed I noticed there was one question I kept getting:

“What do I do with all of my shoes?”

When a couple shares a closet, you could possibly have more than 50 pairs of shoes to organize. The average woman owns about 40 pairs, while men usually own around 10.


Here’s how to organize shoes and keep them looking new.


Store them on a slanted shelf

This type of shelving allows you to display a large quantity of shoes in a small amount of space.

You may only need one shelf at the bottom of your closet or you may need to plan for an entire wall. See some of our closet examples here.

For this system to work, have a place designated for each pair of shoes. That way you have maximized your space and shoes don’t end up piling on the floor in your closet.


Freshen Up Your Shoes

Have you ever walked into your closet after a long day and been greeted by a somewhat unpleasant odor? Shoes can sometimes be hard to keep smelling fresh, which in turn means your closet can acquire the same smell.

Of course there are sprays you can buy for deodorizing shoes. You can also try sticking dryer sheets into your shoes overnight, or bars of soap.

In the summer it may be more fashionable not to, but try wearing socks which cuts down on the sweat and smell.


Repair & Reuse

Once you’ve found that perfect pair of shoes, it can be hard to let them go.

The good news is that you may not have to!

Be sure to check your shoes routinely. Examine the soles, how the material is holding up and if there are any nails or screws peeking out of the heel. At least do this at the end and beginning of each season.

If there are issues, consider taking them to a repair shop before they become irreparable. This way, you can continue wearing them for years to come!  


Follow these steps on how to organize shoes and impress your friends with a stylish shoe collection that lasts!

You can keep your shoes looking new and organized with a few proactive steps. So start with the right organization, then keep those shoes looking, smelling and feeling new for years to come.

Contact us to learn more about our shelving options and how we can help display your shoes in a space-efficient way.  

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