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How to Keep Seasonal Allergies Out of Your Home!

“April showers bring May flowers,” is the old adage. But, do you know what else it brings? Seasonal allergies, and lots of ‘em. Another old adage to live by, “the best offense is a good defense”. For combating seasonal allergies, there’s never been truer words spoken. Did you know that allergies ranks fifth among chronic diseases in the United States? That’s staggering!

So today, we aim to provide just that with our guide to keeping seasonal allergies out of your home!


Identifying Allergy Triggers

The first step is identifying the triggers around your home. If you have pets, the shedding of their winter coat, and pet dander in general, can be the biggest offender. Next are dust mites (8 out of 10 Americans are exposed to them), and pollen. These are the main culprits every homeowner should be actively fighting.

How to Keep Seasonal Allergies Out of Your Home!

1) Dust!

The best way to control dust mites—dust, often. By dusting surfaces and washing your bedding often is the best way to control dust mites. As many as 2,000 can dust mites can live on one ounce of carpet dust. Beat them by not giving them a place to stay.

2) Vacuum!

At a minimum, you should be vacuuming once or twice a week. This will reduce the surface dust mites and animal dander problem. Also, use a high-quality 3-stage HEPA filter vacuum to ensure you’re trapping everything within. Dispose of outdoors.

3) Reduce dander!

This is probably the toughest task on our list, but washing your pets once a week really cuts back on dander. Pet dander is far more potent than hair in triggering an allergic reaction. If you have animals that go outside often, be sure to give them a thorough wipe down when they come back in.

4) Leave pollen outside!

Keep your windows and doors closed, and always use a high-quality air filter in your air systems.

5) Limit dirt!

Put out a durable doormat, and clean your doormat thoroughly and often. On top of this, make people take their shoes off when coming in. This will not only help keep allergens outside, but keep your floors cleaner for longer.

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