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How to Get your Garage Organized

The garage is a place in most homes that could use some organization. Garages often become the place where everything you don’t have space for in your house ends up. But after a while, you can’t find something you need or there just isn’t enough room for those bigger items and vehicles.

Use these steps and your garage will be looking great and you level of stress and frustration will quickly decrease!

  1. First, set aside time to go through those items and boxes that have piled up in your garage. Make piles for keeping, donating/selling and throwing away. Get rid of those items that are broken beyond repair, have been outgrown or haven’t been used in longer than two years.

    Group the belongings you plan to keep into general categories for more detailed organization. Donate the rest to a charitable organization or plan a garage sale. This is a good practice once a year to keep your items at a sustainable level.

    Go through items and consider if they could be placed somewhere else in your house. Move things like open paint cans, propane tanks, paper goods, old refrigerators and pet food that shouldn’t be stored in the garage.

  2. Take detailed measurements of the space and note the placement of all doors, windows and electrical outlets. Also think about how much space your larger items will take up.

  3. Grouping similar items, such as all your gardening tools and supplies, together makes it easier to locate things. Put items that are frequently used closer to the front and other, seasonal items toward the back of the garage.

  4. Use the vertical space you have in a smart way, with efficient shelving and organizational systems. The garage ceiling also provides additional space for light items that are rarely used. Clear plastic pins and jars allow you to quickly see what is stored inside without a lot of hard labor. Make sure to label everything clearly with a category or with the specific contents.

  5. Call Dannenmueller to have one of our custom garage systems installed. Our quality options include Close Mesh Wire Shelving, the Garage Laminated System, the FastTrack Garage Organization System and Rubbermaid Garage Organization Solutions.

The variety of our products ensures that you will get the storage your family needs and keep your garage organized for years to come.

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