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Garage Organization

One day my friend came to me after a day spent on the greens. As I was putting away my clubs he came around the car, shoving his phone in his pocket and placed his hand firmly on my shoulder.

“Steve, the wife is letting me get a Road King Classic if I clean out her drive-in closet. Want to help an old friend out?”

Garage cleanups are a huge task to tackle considering that 40% of American’s can’t even drive their car into their garage. Over time things build up and to keep the clutter from settling into their homes, homeowners often resort to packing things into boxes and storing them in their garage.

The first step to organizing your garage may seem overwhelming, but it is a vital step. Do you really need that Apple monitor from the 90’s or that old radio that you’ve been meaning to restore for the past three years? Probably not. Here are some tips to help you begin de-cluttering your garage:

  1. Begin in sections. Start from the right corner, for example. By doing this you’ll feel less overwhelmed by all the “stuff.”
  2. Pick and choose. Don’t be afraid to throw things away. You may say to yourself, “I can use this someday,” but chances are if you haven’t used that item in the past few years, you probably don’t need it.
  3. Set aside chemicals. Summer is well on its way and it’s not uncommon that you left the Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer for your lawn sitting near the door to your kitchen. Chemicals are dangerous and when you’re beginning to organize your garage, be sure to set these aside to avoid any spills.


Once you have sorted through your belongings and have let some things go, (such as that Apple monitor from the 90’s,) don’t get discouraged by the remaining clutter on the garage floor. Think of the three walls in your garage as three extra floors. With these proper storage techniques you can maximize the space in your garage in no time with the Fast Track Rail System that attaches to the wall of your garage:

  • Bike hooks
  • Power tool holders
  • Ladder hooks
  • Wheel barrow hooks
  • Hose hooks
  • Long handle 2 and 3 holders
  • Shelf with hooks
  • Vertical ball racks
  • Mesh baskets


Did you think shelving was only needed in your closets and pantry? Add shelving to your garage to store your Christmas tree, holiday decorations, dangerous chemicals, and your tools. Cleaning and organizing a garage may seem tedious, but it is possible. As for my friend, he did not get the Harley Davidson Road King Classic; but the wife did let him add a dart board next to his tools.

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