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French Door Window Treatments

Your home is as unique as you are! That’s the difference between a house and a home—you and your family! So with that said, it should never have any opportunity overlooked to show off the personality behind every valence, color, or any other piece of décor you use.

Does your house have a set of French doors in it? If so, today’s blog entry is just for you as we give you some ideas for giving those French door window treatments the attention they deserve!


Let’s start from the top—what is a French door? As the link here will show you, French doors are any door that has long window panes in it, and often comes in pairs. Sometimes it’s called a French window, but it’s all the same.

Due to the nature of a French door, we do not recommend any sort of drapery. The billowing nature of a fabric curtain often leads to the corners getting stuck between the door or the frame. Exposure to the outdoors ruins most fabric by discoloring it and gives the impression of a messy home.

Vertical blinds are one viable solution. Great for blocking sunlight and a stiff breeze, as well as being easy to maintain, vertical blinds offer a simple solution which would look great with the perfect valence.

Roller shades in all their shapes, sizes and colors give the discerning customer many choices in terms of design and function. Whether it’s a roman shade, honeycomb, or any other choice, it gives you the choice of the amount of light you want to let in while keeping all the privacy you require.

Blinds take that idea a step further as well. A blind window treatment gives you plenty of options to choose from in terms of materials used, color, and privacy versus light issues. Being able to choose at a whim how much light to let in is a popular reason to go with blinds, as well as the durability of different constructions such as aluminum.

Couple that with the options and variation in color and style, blinds can really be your all-in-one solution for keeping your home looking great and offering function just as well.

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