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Focus Your Spring Cleaning Energies on Home Office Organization

After months of challenging winter weather, spring is finally here with a few challenges of its own, including its invigorating sunshine that urges so many of us to undergo The Big Spring Clean. But do we really need to tackle everything at once? As our friends over at the ClosetMaid Storganization Blog put it, making time for cleaning and organizing everything is probably not realistic with our busy lives. At this particular time of year, however, your home office is likely the room that needs your spring cleaning enthusiasm the most.

Here are some of our favorite tips and resources for focusing your spring cleaning energies on home office organization…


Aim for an office in which everything has a place, rather than an office that’s spotless.

Anything without a designated purpose and space signifies a decision you haven’t made. Make the decision.

Give that do-dad or whatchamacallit a home!

It’s tax season, which makes this the perfect time to archive the files you need and shred and/or recycle the files you don’t.


Leave no mail unopened or letters unsent.

When organizing your home office—from your files to your desk drawers—group like with like.

Keep all of your bills in one place, your stationary in another; your staples and paperclips here, your pens and pencils there.

As professional organizer Peter Walsh suggests, color-code your files.

Since we recognize visual cues more easily than labels, color-coding your files now will save you quite a bit of time later.


Back up your computer.

Use an external hard drive or paid online service like Carbonite to store your files safely.

It will free up space on your computer, and it will ensure your important documents are safe if anything should happen to your computer.


Go wireless and cordless whenever and wherever possible.

If you have a desktop rather than a laptop, consider investing in a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Invest in Bluetooth speakers if you like listening to music in your home office.

Cords can get tangled easily and make your office space look cluttered, even if it’s not.


For cords that cannot be replaced with wireless alternatives, secure below your desk with adhesive Velcro strips.

It’ll get them up off the floor and out-of-sight.


If your home office is in your bedroom, move it elsewhere if possible.

Your bedroom is the worst place for your workspace.

Your bedroom should encourage relaxation, and your office space should encourage creativity, productivity, and focus.

Mixing the two purposes in one space makes accomplishing either more difficult.


Remember that organization isn’t a once-a-year project, it’s an ongoing process.

To maintain the fruits of your spring cleaning labor, set aside a few minutes at the end of each day to tidy up and prepare for tomorrow.

It’s amazing how much peace of mind those few minutes can bring.



As fun as buying new office supplies can be, resist the temptation until you’ve sorted and organized what you already have.

Once that’s done, you’ll know better what will work best for you space, whether it’s a new file box or a office closet shelving system.

For even more fantastic home office organization inspiration and advice, check out The Inspired Office’s Kacy Paide’s tips on creating—and maintaining—a tidy home office, or purchase The Inspired Office Poster packed with her office organization wisdom.


We also recommend the Living Well Spending Less blog. On Day 11 of Ruth’s last “31 Days of Living Well & Spending Zero” series, she tackled this very topic. Check out her Home Office Organization Checklist here.

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