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Faux Wood Blinds vs. Hand-Crafted: Which Style Should I Choose?

With the increasing popularity of wood window coverings in today’s homes, you may be considering replacing your old blinds with new, stylish wood blinds to add warmth to your interior design. Depending on your needs and preferences, there are two types of wood blinds that will give your room the character you’ve been envisioning. Here are a few points to keep in mind when making the decision – faux wood or hand-crafted?

Faux Wood Blinds

This style comes in a variety of tones that range from whites to wood patterns and are made with vinyl compounds. Here are some key benefits that make this style more “friend” than “faux.” (Yes, we are punny!)

Economical – Faux wood blinds are a cheaper alternative to real wood blinds, allowing you to decorate more windows without breaking your budget.

Attractive – Faux wood blinds resemble the same look  as real wood, and it’s often difficult to distinguish between the two. Therefore, you can make the same fashion accent without your guests questioning whether your blinds are “authentic.”

Resistant – The materials that compose faux wood blinds make them more resistant to moisture and heat than real wood, which can warp when exposed to humidity. Therefore, faux wood blinds are the ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and any other humid areas.

Easy to Clean – Unlike real wood, faux wood blinds are resistant to water and can easily be rinsed off and wiped down when they need to be cleaned. Check out these tips for cleaning your blinds.

Real Wood Blinds

Despite the benefits that faux wood provides, many customers will argue that there is still “nothing like the real thing.” Hand-crafted wood blinds allow for a more unique, customized addition to your room.

Light & Sturdy– Real wood blinds are lightweight, but less flimsy than faux wood blinds and require fewer ladders to support the structure. This gives real wood blinds a sleeker appearance that resembles wood shutters, another customer favorite.

Variety – Real wood blinds come in several different finishes and colors, making them more unique than faux wood options. Our collection includes rustic, sandblasted, distressed, enhanced grain, and bamboo. Between these options and choosing your favorite color tone, the possibilities are endless.

Authentic – Many customers believe that only hand-crafted wood blinds can create real warmth in the home. The texture and look of real wood blinds aren’t the only factors that make them elegant. It’s also the way these blinds compliment other wood furniture in the room.

Regardless of which option you choose, you can be sure that either one will be a major improvement to the appearance and atmosphere of your home.

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