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Energize Your Spring Cleaning Checklist!

It’s that time of year again, when we shake off the cobwebs, throw open the doors and windows and welcome spring with open arms. Kentucky’s four-season weather can often cram all four into one month, but we relish in the days that give us 70 degrees and cloudless skies!

For homeowners everywhere that means it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning, from top to bottom. Energize your next big clean with our spring cleaning checklist!


The Dannenmueller Spring Cleaning Checklist

Windows first!

Spring is about celebrating the return of warm weather and longer days, and there’s no better way to welcome in the sunshine than by making sure your windows are cleaned inside and out. Dust off the window sill, clean the panes and your window treatments, and brighten your home in no time.

Dust off ceiling fixtures!

Speaking of lighting up the house, be sure to give your light-fixtures and ceiling fans a good cleaning as well. Over time, dust collects on the blades of fans and can become quite dirty along the edge and on top. Lighting fixtures collect dust as well and if left unclean, can create dingy lighting conditions.

Retire the winter layers!

Big, bulky boots. Wool socks and sweaters. Heavy coats, thermal layers, gloves, scarves, all of these are items in your closet you’re not likely to need for quite a while. As you pull out these items, it’s always a good idea to separate the pieces of clothing you want to keep from the ones you want to donate, or need to throw away. This will help you save space and give you the opportunity to donate to someone who will need help staying warm when colder months return.

Doormats shouldn’t be ignored!

This little item often goes unchecked, or unwritten, on most lists. A doormat is your first line of defense against dirty feet, so make sure that it’s as clean as you want the rest of your floors to be! Winter is tough on a doormat, so beat it, wash it, rinse it, do whatever you have to keep it performing its task efficiently.

Clean up and clean out your fridge!

More than just emptying your fridge of old, or unused, items, you should clean your fridge’s condenser coil. Typically, this is found behind the toe grille. Using a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, remove the dust and lint that collects around it to keep it from overheating and running efficiently. Not only will your food stay cold, but it will save energy too. This is the perfect time to also spruce up your entire kitchen!

Finish the floors of your home!

Protect the hard-wood floors and tiles of your home by applying wash-and-wax floor cleaner as directed on the label. Taking care of your floors early on, coupled with preventative maintenance every now and then, is the best way to ensure your home stays in optimal condition.

Vacuum more efficiently by shifting large furniture to the left or right, just enough to get underneath where it typically sits. Move furniture back and continue as normal. Put chairs up on tables as necessary, and remove the headache of trying to get around table/chair legs.

With these items checked off your list, you’ll be well on your way to domestic bliss the moment the thermometer hits 75 degrees!

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