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Easy Solutions for Every Type of Window

Selecting the right solution for windows that have atypical or untraditional shapes or styles can be a little tricky. But you can easily find quality treatments for windows that aren’t the normal square or rectangle shaped design.

At Dannnenmueller Blinds, Shutters, Closets, we have window covering to meet every need. Our solutions are available for every room in every house. We can also outfit your home with everything from faux wood blinds, to roman shades, to plantation shutters and much more.

If your windows have different shapes or sizes don’t worry because one size definitely doesn’t fit all! With unusual window shapes continuing to grow in popularity, custom window treatments are the answer for any hard to decorate windows. Here are the answers for every style of unique windows or doors! 


Arched Windows

The best bet for arched windows are honeycomb shades, which allow for adjustable privacy and light control. They provide a seamless, consistent look and are easy to clean.

Tall Windows

With floor to ceiling windows or skylights, also choose honeycomb shades so you can tailor the light you need and close them easily at night. We offer more than 200 sizes, colors and fabric to choose from!

Palladian Windows

The arched style of window is growing in popularity and brings an elegant look to dining and living rooms. Hardwood shutters are the perfect choice for the Palladian style of window and you can match the color or stain to your home’s decor.

Angled Windows

Angled windows are seen most often in attic rooms that have been converted into a bedroom or living space. Pick woven wood shades that come in a variety of natural textures to add a unique element to a unique space.

Bay Windows

Bay windows, defined as a three-section window with a large central panel surrounded by two smaller angled, side windows, are the perfect fit for any type of shades.

Sliding Doors

Siding doors provide convenience and can bring a ton of light into a living or family room. Vertical blinds are the perfect solution to the challenges of sliding doors. Wood or faux wood blinds are so versatile and durable and come in a variety of neutral color choices.

French Doors

French doors bring elegance and provide tons of options to decorate around. Choose vinyl shutters in one of many colors and stains. We offer Norman Shutters, Woodlore Shutters and Sussex Shutters.

For help creating the window treatments of your dreams for every room in your house, call us!

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