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Consistency or Variety: Choosing the Right Window Treatments

If your house has multiple windows in each of your rooms, choosing the right window treatments can be quite a task. There are two general directions you can take – use the same type of treatment across all windows, or change things up with a combination of blinds, shades and shutters.  While there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to your personal taste, there are some factors that may call for consistency throughout your rooms.


Consider the floor plan.

Does your interior have an open floor plan? If it does, then you realize the importance of establishing an atmosphere that easily translates from one room to the next. An open floor plan should reflect unique characteristics of each room in the house while embodying a consistent look and feel throughout the entire viewing space. This can also give your house the appearance that it is larger on the inside. Therefore, it is usually a better option to use the same style window treatments in an open floor plan. For rooms that are closed off, changing up the window scenery isn’t a problem.


Consider curb-facing windows.

Some houses have several front-facing windows. The purpose of this arrangement is to allow passersby to get a glimpse of the heart and soul of your beloved home. Thus, first impressions are everything! Consistency will play an important role in establishing a clean, attractive, appealing landscape to appreciate from the outside. That doesn’t mean you have to use the same window treatments for all windows, but you should probably opt for complimentary solutions.


Consider the value of your home.

Yes, your window solutions will play a role in the perceived value of your home. Just like consistency on your front-facing windows will improve the “first impression” of your house, they will also improve the resale of your home.  What’s the best window treatment you can use to increase the value of your house? We suggest plantation shutters. This upgrade would be the equivalent of replacing the old floors in your house with hardwood.


There’s a time and place for variety.

There is no rule governing whether or not it is acceptable to use blinds and shutters in your house. It all depends on the functionality of each room, the functionality of the window treatment, and the viewing spaces of your home. Take a step back and look around you, then determine which window treatment will be optimal for the windows in view. Most importantly, keep your own personal taste in mind!

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