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Cleaning Window Blinds

Blind Care & Cleaning: How to Clean Your Blinds in Just a Few Steps

Can you remember the last time you cleaned your blinds?

If your answer is NO, you’re not alone. Blinds are an easy item to overlook in a regular cleaning routine, even for the clean freaks among us. Luckily, cleaning and restoring your blinds to their like-new luster (be they aluminum, wood, or vinyl; vertical or horizontal) is easy, even if it’s been a while since they felt the touch of a dust cloth.

If it’s been a while since you last cleaned your blinds…

First, you’ll want to remove any excess dust or debris from the blinds using your vacuum’s brush attachment, a duster, or a dry sponge or rag. This will make it easier and less messy to give them the deep clean they need.

Now for the real cleaning! You’ll need:

  • Two hands!
  • A spray bottle of cleaning solution such as Windex, or a bowl of a homemade cleaning mixture. We recommend half warm water, half vinegar.
  • A microfiber cloth or an old sock turned inside out.


Spray or soak your cloth or sock, ring out any excess, and with one hand wipe each slat clean from one end to the other as you hold the blind steady with your other hand. Rinse and ring out your cloth every few slats, and repeat the process from top to bottom.

Once finished, run back over the slats with a clean, dry cloth or sock to dry any cleaning solution left behind and prevent dust from sticking to your blinds so soon after cleaning.

Some would recommend removing your blinds completely for cleaning outside or in a bath tub, but we’ve found this is rarely ever necessary. For most blinds—and very likely for yours—the above method should be more than sufficient.

Once you’ve “deep-cleaned” your blinds, or if they’re still relatively new…

Blind care & cleaning is a cinch to add to your routine if your blinds are still new or if they’ve been thoroughly cleaned. Simply remove dust from your blinds by vacuuming them side to side (or top to bottom in the case of vertical blinds) using your vacuum’s brush attachment, or by running a dry microfiber cloth or clean, inside-out sock along each slat.

Though they may seem appealing, we don’t recommend using a duster on your blinds, since any dust it removes will quickly resettle.

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