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BIG Organization for Small Closets

Have big dreams for your closet that exceed its square footage? Don’t give up on your dreams just yet. Even the smallest of closets can be transformed into a thing of organized beauty, and the transformation process will help you toss the clutter and make space for what’s important. Here are some big solutions for the tiny closet in your home to get you started:

Before you begin to rearrange and organize your itty bitty closet, take a closer look at WHAT you’re organizing. Do you really need those overalls you thought were cool five years ago? Most likely not.

  • 1st Sweep: Toss, donate, or sell items you know you haven’t worn in ages and likely won’t ever wear again. Our friends at ClosetMaid have a great list of places to donate or sell your unwanted clothes.
  • 2nd Sweep: After your first downsize sweep, hang your clothes with the hook facing outward. After you wear an item, place it back on the hanger correctly. After three to six months, get rid of anything that’s still hanging backwards.

Go Vertical
Many closets, especially smaller ones, have ample square footage that goes unused because it’s out of arm’s reach. Reclaim that space! Install shelves all the way to the ceiling if you can, and keep a ladder tucked away in the closet for access. Out-of-reach shelves are a great place to store items you don’t use often or that you only use certain times of the year. Speaking of which…

Stow Away Out of Season Pieces
Winter clothing is bulky by nature and can claim A LOT of closet real estate—don’t let it do so unless it’s actually winter. Once the cold season is over, stash away your coats and sweaters for the spring and summer months.

Divide & Conquer
Use shelf dividers or baskets to keep stacks of folded clothing neat and orderly.

Make Use of Door Space
Hang catch-all baskets, jewelry racks, or a shoe organizer (or all of the above!) on your door to make use of that otherwise wasted space. Any time you have a chance to get something up off the floor, take it.

Consider a Customized Built-In

We carry several ClosetMaid products that are perfect for maximizing space in small closets. Consider:

BONUS! Categorize Your Clothing.

Though it won’t necessarily save you space, categorizing your clothing by type (pants, skirts, button downs, short sleeve, etc.) will make it infinitely easier to put yourself together in the morning.

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