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Best Cleaning Practices for Roman Shades

Taking care of contemporary roman shades doesn’t have to be a hassle! As with any window treatment, proper maintenance and care should be a continual to-do on your list. Taking pride in making your home look its best year-round is no easy feat; but being up to the task is equal measures diligence and elbow grease!

If you have contemporary roman shades in your home and are curious about best practices and cleaning habits, today’s blog entry is just for you.


Best Cleaning Practices for Roman Shades

Whether you own flat, pleated, or draped, the steps to cleaning and maintaining your shades and their vibrant looks are simple.

Use a vacuum. No matter if you have a handheld vacuum, or a big vacuum with a hose attachment and fabric brush, go over your roman shades weekly and pay attention to any folds or areas where dust can stay hidden and out-of-sight. Double up on these weekly cleanings if you live in an especially arid, dry place.

Feather dusters work too. If your shades are a little more decorative and you balk at the idea of using a vacuum on them, no problem. A feather duster can do the job just fine. A static-fabric duster like a Swiffer® can be invaluable as well.

** Dust-repellant sprays like Endust® are great for keeping dust from clinging to your shades. However, they are no replacement for thorough and regular cleanings!

Club soda is a cure-all for stains. For non-grease stains, splash a bit of club soda on the spot and that should help lift the stain from the fabric right away. For oily/greasy spots, a stain remover will be necessary. Don’t saturate the spot, but use just enough to soak the spot and be able to dab it dry.

Inspect thoroughly. Always do a check of your shades and what condition the fabric itself is in after you’re finished. Look for broken string loops, unraveled stitching, drooping hems, anything that might require attention. Try to fix these problems before you hang them back up.

Hopefully with these helpful hints and tips in hand, the next time you clean your roman shades will be easier and you’ll feel like a pro!

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