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Goals to Set When Tackling Garage Organization This Winter

It’s that time of year when the four-wheeler becomes perfect for snow days, and your snow blowers/shovels/space heaters make more appearances than you would like. With so many large items coming in and out of your garage this season, you may be overwhelmed with the task of reorganizing the garage to make more room for tools and equipment. Before you get started, take the time to evaluate the layout of your garage, what your specific needs are, and what materials are required to transform the storage space you have. These tips will help motivate you to take on the challenge of garage organization this winter.


Create a unique vision for your garage.

Take a look around you and try not to become overwhelmed with the task ahead of you. There are many professionals who specialize in garage organization and can help you create a vision for your storage space. Discuss with them what your specific needs are for your garage and let them help you design the layout accordingly. Once you have a vision in mind, it’s easier to start gathering materials needed and sort through old junk that you have been trying to throw away for years!

Create as much floor space as possible.

The more you drag winter equipment in and out of the garage, the more you are bound to spread mud and dead leaves around your floor space. Therefore, it’s best not to have a lot of items on the ground that can get dirty, damaged, or wet. Throw away old items that are in the way and move everything toward the outer walls. When snow and mud melts from your car, you don’t want it to damage your possessions. Once you’ve created an open space, you can take additional steps to get your tools and accessories off the floor and organize them on the walls and ceiling.

Create easy-to-reach storage space on your walls.

Make more room for your cars and winter vehicles by utilizing the space on your walls.  Hang items such as shovels, tools, and ropes using sturdy wall mounting solutions to keep them in reach. Bikes can also be placed on a wall track system to reduce extra clutter on your garage floor. Smaller items, like shovels, can be hung near the garage door for easy access; bulkier items should be stored using deep shelving with metal stiffeners.

Create access to sand and salt.

Your life will be so much easier once you create a designated space in the garage to store your sand and salt for the winter. Try storing them in containers that can slide out for easy access. You’ll want to keep sand and salt close by so that you are prepared to de-ice your car, driveway, sidewalks and porches throughout the week.

Create extra storage above you.

The ceiling is a great place to store all of your extra items that can’t fit on the wall. Overheard storage spaces not only create more space in your garage, but they also create more accessible space, meaning you don’t have to store your items with the intentions of never seeing them again. These systems are easy to assemble and are perfect for storing seasonal decorations, camping gear, and bedding.

Create spaces that are dedicated to sports equipment.

The first thing we want to do after a long day of winter sports is dump our muddy gear and get inside to warm up! To avoid contaminating other garage items with ice and mud, use shelves and open storage to create a separate gear closet for your sports equipment. That means you can stash your kids’ sports equipment straight from the car to the closet without having to worry about getting your garage dirty and wet.

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