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5 Tips to Makeover your Windows

Windows are an important and sometimes overlooked part of every home. Are you looking to add some pizzazz to your windows with coverings that will look great, add value to your home and reduce energy costs?

Here are some tips to consider as you begin your window makeover, help you make the right decisions and save you from making costly mistakes.


One room at a time

Start in one room and work your way around the house considering the amount of privacy and light necessary in each room.

The slower approach allows you to ease into replacing or adding shades, blinds or shutters, rather than jumping in all at once. Remember to keep in mind the overall goal of making each room and your entire home harmonious.


Assess your needs

Start by taking notes about the windows in each room, sketch them and measure their size and shape. Consider – the primary function of each room, do specific rooms need increased day or night time privacy or light and is there a pretty or unattractive view outside?


Make a plan

Using your list, rank your needs in order of importance and then make a plan that addresses them in that order.

For example, if your budget is tight this month, plan to start with one room, most likely one that gets a lot of use, such as the living or dining room, and then continue from there.


Look for inspiration

Inspiration for your windows can be found anywhere and everywhere. First, look in your own home and consider what would work best for your family’s needs. Also, look for examples in window decorating magazines, books, websites and blogs.

Blinds come in many styles and colors, and can be easily exchanged according to shifting need. Shades are energy efficient and available in many styles, textures and more. Shutters are sturdy, energy-efficient and durable.


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