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5 Tips for Creating Childproof Window Treatments

Window treatments are an essential element to personalizing your home. Not only do they say something about your personality and unique taste, but they also provide utilitarian value to your interior by protecting it from environmental conditions. If you have small children running around in your home, there is a risk that your window treatments could potentially get in the way or harm a child who isn’t paying close attention to his surroundings. But, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the need for window coverings and treatments. There are several ways that you can protect the inside of your home while keeping your children safe at the same time.


Anticipate the need for safe windows.

If you are moving into a new house or renovating your current home, you may want to assess your need for kid-friendly window treatments. Plantation shutters are the best way to eliminate any possible hazards that could cause your child harm. Children have a tendency to dislodge objects and tug on anything in sight. With plantation shutters, this isn’t a problem. They are attached to the window and cannot be torn down like blinds and curtains.

Keep blinds out of reach.

If you do have blinds on your windows, take precautions to ensure they are kept out of reach of infants and toddlers. Blinds are easy to childproof as you can simply lift them while children are playing nearby. Additionally, you should tie any loose cords together to keep them off the ground/out of reach.

Keep an eye on the curtains.

Children love to hide behind long drapes and curtains, which can result in careless tugging on material that can easily dislodge and cause injuries. Be careful when you are installing curtain rods, making sure to measure the appropriate amount of distance between mounting brackets. You want the curtain rod to fit as securely as possible so that it’s less likely to come loose from its brackets. For added measure, pull back long curtains and tie them to the side when kids are around. They will be less tempted to use the curtains as a favorite hiding spot.

Avoid fragile window treatments.

Glass window treatments are more likely to cause injury during careless rough-housing. Avoid using glass window treatments that can easily break or hurt your child if he makes hard contact with the window. Children often don’t pay attention to where they’re going when running around the house, so it’s better to choose options such as blinds and shutters when planning for a kid-friendly room.

A little bit of instruction can go a long way.

As your toddler grows older, it will be very helpful to set time aside to teach him how to operate various window treatments in your home. The more children understand how the mechanisms work, the more likely they are to use them properly without damaging the window (or themselves).  As a parent and a homeowner, you’ll be able to worry less about your child bending blinds and pulling cords too hard. As long as you educate your child about the dangers of mistreating the windows, you can choose just about any kind that you want to have in your home.

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