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5 Home Remodeling & DIY Blogs to Bookmark

Being the authority on all things blinds, shades and shutters is a full-time job! Having encountered hundreds, if not thousands, of homes in my time as blind authority here in western Kentucky, I’ve seen a lot of home going through a costly home remodeling process. I’ve been happy to be a part of those homes too, and it never fails that I am asked for my opinion on what to do.

So, today I thought I could give you a quick list of five great home improvement blogs to check out for those questions that lie outside my area of expertise.


Charles & Hudson

A very informative blog that answers some tough questions with some simple answers, this website is dedicated to showing off home improvement products, projects, and DIY guides for a range of interesting ideas.

Bob Vila

Of course, Bob Vila’s website was going to make the cut. A wealth of knowledge and resources can be found here. Looking to spruce up your porch? Got it. Need some help with coloring a room in your home? No problem. Need a new way to kill weeds in your yard? Here’s seven ways to do just that. It really is a great site to check out.

DIY Diva

This candid lady is all about working with her hands on the farm and in her home! Her blog is incredibly lively, full of ideas for the things she does around her home, and tutorial information on how to do it to yours as well! From designing a lamp out of a moonshine bottle, to setting up a raised cedar garden beds, Kit is your girl!


This website reads just like its name—it’s for those who are simply obsessed with fine-tuning the way their home looks and feels. With a host of guest contributors to their site, you’ll never run out of ideas for your home. The owner of the site, Cassity, along with her husband Justin, are chronic home buyers with a penchant for the fixer-upper.

Brooklyn Limestone

For those reading this who owns a home that’s a bit older or more unique, this might be the blog just for you. Stephanie owns a 100+ year-old limestone home in Brooklyn, New York.

She has that city sensibility some people like to add to their homes around here, while also retaining the rustic look that adds so much charm to her home. From unique-shaped chalkboards, kitchen décor ideas, to outdoor lighting, Steph has you covered on all fronts.

Hopefully you’ll find some form of inspiration from these blogs. And of course, I hope my own continues to be a source of inspiration for you as well! Are you ready to take the next step toward making your house the home of your dreams? No problem, we are always on call for new and current customers!

Give us a call today at (270) 441-2305Also, make sure to like us on Facebook! We’d love to be a part of your next home renovation project!

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