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Rolls of Holiday Wrapping Paper Against Wall

5 DIY Ways to Organize Your Christmas Wrapping Supplies

Are you drowning in Christmas wrapping paper this holiday season? All of that wrapping paper and supplies can cause unnecessary clutter  in your home and while wrapping presents may fill you with holiday cheer, it’s time to get organized and say goodbye to the clutter!

Your friends at Dannemueller Blinds, Shutters, Closets are experts when it comes to home organization. So, here are a few unique ways to organize your holiday supplies. We’ve searched high and low for these 5 awesome storage hacks!

Portable Wrapping Station

Source: Two Shades of Pink

We love this idea because it gives you enough space for all of your wrapping goodies and it’s portable. Market carts are fairly inexpensive and you can always dress it up with a fresh coat of paint. And if you use ribbons or tags while wrapping, consider adding a dowel rod to hold those items!

Over The Door Closet Organization

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Over the door organizers help eliminate closet clutter while keeping it enclosed in one space. That is why we love this option! You can find many inexpensive over the door organization racks like this one.

Upside Down Stool Organizer

Source: 2 Little Hooligans

This unique option is for all of the gift wrap lovers out there! While it may require some extra time and money, it’s well worth it! You’ll need to find a wooden stool, turn it upside down, add baggies on the sides and then put in your supplies. You can even add wheels for some extra flair. Full the tutorial here.

Shower Caddy Gift Station

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

If you’re new to the world of gift wrapping and don’t have a ton of wrapping paper and supplies, this option is for you. Simply mount a shower caddy to your wall and viola! Most shower caddies are inexpensive, which is an added plus.

Shower Rod and Hook Hack

Source: The Lovebugs Blog

This functional option is a great hack for anyone! Just purchase inexpensive tension rods to add to your desired closet space. For extra organization, buy hooks to hang additional supplies like bags, scissors, tags, etc.

If you’re looking for organization advice outside the holiday season, check out our Home Organization Tips to get on the right track and don’t forget to like us on Facebook! We’d love to be part of your next home renovation project!

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