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5 Books for DIY Organization and Inspiration

It’s 2015, and as you look back fondly at last year, maybe you can’t help but look around at your home and see all the things you never got around to. Whether it’s in your garage, or all over the house, there’s some project you always wished you had time to get to, but didn’t.

Today, we’ve gathered up 5 guides that should prove useful for your next project. Because this time, we know you’ll find the time for it, right? Right!

Our first book comes from author White Lemon, titled 365 Days of DIY, detailing all sorts of different ways to reorganize and retool your house into the home you’ll be proud of. And if you own a Kindle e-reader, then it can become a part of your library for a mere 99 cents!

Virginia French authored our next book—Clutter Free Lifestyle: How to De-clutter Your Life and Home Easily. While short, its tips and guides to de-cluttering your life to help increase productivity will help spur you along to creating a conducive home in 2015.

Next, the Window Treatments Idea Book , by Sue Sampson and Ellen DeLucia, is one of the best-selling idea books on the topic. Included within its cover are 350 gorgeous color illustrations that will provide all the inspiration you’ll need for sprucing up the windows of your home. Adding this one to your library is step one to a beautiful home. Step two is coming by to see us after you’ve read it!

Lastly, we wanted to leave you with two books to help kick start your next garage organizational project.

The first is called Simple Garage Organizing: Create Space for Parking, Building and Storing. Written by Angela Agranoff, the 40 page guide will help you break down what you want from each space, and how you want to feel in it. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, this book is free to your lending library (as are a number of other books!). If not, the Kindle e-reader edition is a mere $1.99.

The second is Declutter It! Declutter Your Garage in 7 Easy Steps by Lee Norton. As a basic study in no-nonsense and no-clutter living, Norton details how to plan and budget an effective clean, and make the most of that area we most often neglect. And as a $2.99 Kindle e-reader purchase, it’s a no-brainer.

With these books in your library and knowledge at your disposal, there’s no job too big or too small in your home. Whether you’re looking to expand on the interior design with a new set of shades, or clean up that garage with some new shelving, Dannenmueller Blinds, Shutters & Closets has the options and expertise to make your next project a reality.

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