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Girl installs dense fabric vertical blinds, click into place slats

4 Quick Tips for Maintaining Your Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds make a great addition to your large sliding glass doors and provide plenty of privacy when you need it. They are easy to clean and take care of, and when they occasionally face minor damage, it’s a quick fix! Use these tricks to mend your vertical blinds if one of the slats comes loose.



What causes your vertical blinds to break?

Vertical blinds are sensitive to pressure. If you pull too hard on your blinds or open them too quickly, it will take a toll on the material between the hook and the hole at the top of the slat. After years of use, a couple of your blind slats may need some extra support around the holes.

Invest in vane savers.

These plastic/metal pieces can simply be used as a covering for the top of the slat to restore the structure so that you can hang it back on the hook. The concept is similar to ripping a piece of paper out of a binder; once the area is restored with an adhesive ring, the paper can be fitted back into the binder. These vane savers are available at most home improvement stores and are inexpensive. As an added benefit, you’ll already have these adhesives on hand in case you ever experience this problem again.

Use a paperclip.

If you’re into DIY solutions, you can mend the structure of your blind slat by using clear tape to attach a paperclip across the top of the slat. How does this solve the problem? It’s simple! The spiral formed by the paperclip fills in the detached area of the slat, allowing it to hang once again from the hook.

If you don’t have any paperclips at your disposal…use a toothpick.

Toothpicks are small enough to mend a broken blind slat without being too noticeable. Break the toothpick into small pieces that are just big enough to fit across the broken area. Use clear tape or super glue to seal the toothpick and bridge the gap.

Try a hole punch.

The structure of a vertical blind is easy to understand and replicate. The blind requires a hook to hang on and a hole to hang it on. If the hole has been compromised, it’s easy to make a new one. Simply turn the blind upside down and use a hole punch to create a new hole. Then, patch up the bottom of the blind with white tape and call it a day.

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