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3 Treatments for Dog Proof Windows!

Our pets are the heart and soul of our home. At times though, they can definitely feel more like a burden than a joy. Whenever they rip up the carpet, make a mess in the kitchen, or any other myriad of problems they might be at the center of, it can be tough to remember these are our companions through thick and thin!

Our blog has discussed several ways to keep cats out of windows, and how to make our treatments more feline friendly. But today, we are going to dive into a few treatments for dog proof windows you can find today!

Treatments for Dog Proof Windows

Roller Shades

An old-fashioned answer to this problem is to utilize roller shades. With the right color and pattern picked out, roller shades can offer a beautiful way to fix an ugly problem. Without a cord for your dog to chew or pull on, there isn’t much in the way of material for them to destroy. An added bonus is they don’t attract pet dander like drapery will.

The real trick is to leave a roller shade pulled down ¾ the length of the window, allowing your dog plenty of headroom to see out of.

Indoor Shutters

Yes, shutters can be hung inside! Whether they’re made of wood, faux wood, or any other material, they can take a beating from just about anything. Most also feature a locking mechanism, which may be the best way to keep an animal out.

Faux-Wood Blinds

An extremely durable material is required for the most serious of situations. Faux-wood is not only durable, but affordable. If your canine companion somehow manages to break a louver, replacing it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

The trick with blinds, and indoor shutters as well, is using a treatment with louvers that are very wide. If you’re really compelled to solve the problem, measure the height of your dog’s snout and try to get a treatment with louvers big enough that when they’re open, their snout fits through it. This is the best way to prevent a broken slat and save money in the long run.

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