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3 Tips for a Successful Garage Sale (and a Decluttered Home)

The spring months are heating up nicely and we are well on our way to a beautiful summer here in the bluegrass state! With the passing of the memorial holiday, we find ourselves firmly in what we like to call “garage sale season”, and there’s no better time of year!

Having a successful garage sale can be one of the best, and lucrative, solutions to decluttering your home. So today, we want to give you our top three tips for hosting a successful garage sale!


Garage Sale Tip #1: Be smart about advertising!

It’s more than just sticking a sign up on the nearest intersection; the best way to get the word out is electronically. Advertising your local sale on Craigslist isn’t a bad idea, as bargain shoppers frequent the site often. This Facebook group is also a great resource for marketing your garage sale to a number of already-interested parties in the local region!

And don’t just tell them where you’re sale is located—let them know what you have to sale! Including big-ticket items will help draw in interested buyers that will come specifically for that item and also browse your other sections. Getting rid of an unwanted piece of furniture can also lead to getting rid of a lot of smaller items that clutter your home. Including pictures of items may even have you selling some items before you open the doors!

Garage Sale Tip #2: Don’t skip the benefits!

How many times have you been to a garage sale and thought how much you’d like a bottle of water, or maybe a seated area for the kids? Offer these types of incentives to your browsers! If you have a canopy for camping, set it up for some shade from that hot summer sun. Put out fans to help circulate the stuffy air, and keep a stereo handy for the added atmosphere!

And of course, advertise these incentives! Giving people a proper idea of what to expect is key to hosting a successful yard sale.

Garage Sale Tip #3: Know Your Goals!

It’s often said there are two types of yard sales—one to make money, and one to get rid of stuff. While the two ideas aren’t exclusive, they should affect how you price your items and how much you’re willing to work with someone on the price.

With these tips in hand, you should have no problem getting the word out about your garage sale and be well on your way to a cleaner, decluttered home!

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