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3 Styles of Closets for Your Next Home Remodel!

During a home remodel, the last thing you want is more work and more stress! Amidst the cloud of clutter and dust, it’s not uncommon to find yourself more frazzled than dazzled!

During this time, having a clear vision of what you want to see when the dust finally settles is paramount. Today, we talk about three styles of closets to consider from during a home remodel!


The 3 Most Popular Styles of Closets

Reach-In Closets

Somewhere between three to eight feet wide, and a measured depth of 24 to 30 inches, this type of closet is commonly found in a hallway, a kid’s room, or bedrooms of older homes.

Designed with a single-rod, under a long and singular shelf, in mind, these type of closets are best for the types of clothing you don’t need access to very often. Their shelf space is invaluable for storing items you don’t need regularly (like decorations) and their single rod makes them ideal for guest’s coats. Limited access due to return walls limits their usefulness.

Consider some of these great design ideas utilizing our ClosetMaid®  wire-shelving! Your inspiration could be a mere button click away.

Walk-In Closets

Every woman’s dream is to be the proud owner of the biggest, nicest walk-in closet in her neighborhood (even if she doesn’t have enough things to fill it with)!

A walk-in closet that’s properly lit, organized, and accented with our beautiful laminate shelving makes for a truly beautiful sight. When remodeling your home, it’s your best opportunity to set out your items and reorganize everything. Creating different zones in the closet is integral. Anything at the belt line is considered a hot zone, and should be used for items like watches and jewelry, and it’s important to keep other items like shoes visible and accessible.

Consider utilizing shoe shelves along the back wall of your walk-in to help make the space feel more utilized and open!

Wardrobes and Armoires

Whether your reasons for wanting a old-fashioned wardrobe is based in style of financials, there’s no reason to look down at this option. As an alternative, they both create storage in underutilized spaces, creating a close space hidden away behind doors or fabric.

The most important facet of a wardrobe is that it serves a purpose. Perhaps it’s where only your finest clothing is stored, and sits adjacent to your full-length mirror. Whatever the reason, keeping it organized also means keeping it filled only with items that you actually use.

Armoires can be the perfect addition to a children’s room. An addition as simple as a short curtain rod can gift you the added space you were in need of for an infant’s or toddler’s clothing.

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