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10 Tried & True Tips for Staying Organized While Moving

You’ve sealed the deal on a new place, and you can’t WAIT to get settled in and call this new place home. In your mind, you’re already picking out paint colors to splash on the walls and flowers to plant in the garden. For a moment, you forgot one tiny detail… Now you actually have to move!

After reflecting on years of moving mistakes and lessons learned, we’ve compiled 10 of our favorite tips for staying organized while moving (and thereby staying sane). These tips go for moving DIY-style or with the help of professional movers alike. Good luck!

1. Start early (if it’s not too late).

When preparing for a move, the more time you give yourself the better. The best and least stressful approach is to put time and thought into packing so that unpacking will take hardly any time at all.

2. Purge.

Moving gives you a rare opportunity to place your hands on ALL of your belongings. Before you pack an item, ask yourself two questions: (1) Is it useful and/or do I use it? (2) Is it beautiful and/or does it bring me joy? If you can’t answer yes to at least one of those questions, toss it or donate it. It’ll lighten your load and reduce your clutter.

3. Envision your new space, and pack accordingly.  

Plan where your old things will go in your new place. MEASURE. Don’t assume your enormous desk will fit comfortably in the office and lug it up to the second floor, only to realize you have to lug it right back down.

Once you have an educated guess at where everything should go, pack your belongings by room (not their current rooms, their new rooms). Resist the urge to squeeze in random items from one room into a box for another, just because it fits. Resist!

4. Label, label, and label some more.

Use a different color duct tape to secure boxes that will be going to each room. You can even create a color-key to hang on the front door so that everyone knows where to put the boxes (Duck Tape doesn’t just come in silver anymore!).

List the contents of each box on the box itself forreference. You might think now that you’ll remember what you packed with what, but you won’t. *Note: If using a professional moving service, be sure not to list items like “jewelry” or “stereo equipment” when labeling your boxes—that could make those boxes obvious targets for getting “lost” en route.

5. Pack with your back in mind.

It may seem like a good idea to pack all of your books into one big box—they fit so perfectly!—but you’ll quickly regret it when you attempt to move it. Try to keep all boxes to 50 lbs or less so that you don’t kill yourself trying to carry them to and fro.

6. Get GOOD boxes.

If you don’t already have boxes and you don’t want to buy new, try asking local businesses if they have any they’d like off their hands. Ask your office. Boxes get thrown away every day… those could be yours!

7. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Bag it!

Group little, like items together in freezer bags—things like costume jewelry, junk drawer contents, toiletries, etc.—to be placed inside larger bags or boxes. Keeping the little things separated during the move will save you a lot of sorting headaches later.

8. Keep your hanging clothes hung.

Take one handful of hanging clothes, slide a garbage bag over the top of them, allow the hanger hooks to break through the bottom (now the top) of the garbage bag, and tie the bottom of the bag to secure. You can twist-tie the tops of the hangers together for extra security. Fold into a box, and repeat. It’s garbage bag turned garment bag!

9. Set aside an “essentials” box, and load it last so that it’ll be unloaded first.

Pull together your (and your family’s) essential items you’ll want/need immediately after getting to your new place. Hide it. Paint it red. Just make it clear that this box is to be loaded last.

10. Play a game of Tetris before you load the van. You know, to get yourself in the mood.

Playing Tetris before you stack your expertly packed boxes into the moving van may not actually help anything, but take it as a reminder to have a sense of humor about the whole process. You’ll get there eventually! Hopefully your china will too.

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