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10 Garage Organization Tips to Make Room for Your Car This Winter

The thought of garage organization can be so intimidating at times you may feel tempted to let clutter have its way in your garage, even in winter when you’d love nothing more than to bring your car in from the cold.

No need to let the garage clutter monster win! Take these garage organization tips, add a little elbow grease, and transform that mess into a warm, welcome space in your home!


1. Make Time

For many of us, garage organization doesn’t sound like the most exciting way to spend a weekend.  However, if you set aside the time now, you’ll thank yourself later.

2. Group Your Items

Begin by removing items from your garage.  As you go, separate things into three piles: keep, trash/recycle, and donate/sell.

3. Dry Clean First

Once everything has been removed, use a stiff bristle push broom to sweep the entire floor.  Be sure to get the spider webs hiding in the corners!  Then, clean off your broom.  (You’ll need it in the next step).

4. Add Some Suds

With your broom and a bucket full of warm, soapy water, thoroughly scrub the garage floor.  The more work you put into this process, the cleaner your garage will be.

5. Plan Your Space

After the floor has dried, step back and admire the blank canvas before you.  Consider how you’ll group the items you’ve decided to keep.  Where will the kids’ toys go?  The tools?  The lawnmower?  Don’t forget to leave room for the car!

6. Set The Stage

If cabinets and large storage units aren’t in the budget, pick up some wire shelving and pegboard.

7. Elevate Your Things

The floor of the garage is where most of your dirt, dust, and bugs will collect.  Keeping your items off the ground will prevent this filth from gathering in hard-to-reach areas and will make for easy cleaning the next time.

8. Develop a System

Make the most of your space by only putting items around the garage’s perimeter.  Place wire shelving along the walls, using plastic containers to organize materials on the shelves.  Paper and fabric containers make ideal nesting material for rodents, so stick to plastic!  For extra organization, use color-coded plastic tubs.  Maybe the green container is for holiday decorations, red is for dog food, and blue is for toys.  The pegboard you bought can be used to cover a wall, from which various tools and gardening equipment will hang.  Items like bicycles can be suspended from the ceiling for extra space.

9. Recycle Safely

(Safely) recycle items you no longer want.  Chemicals, such as household cleaners and motor oil, can easily pollute the soil and groundwater if not disposed of correctly.

10. Donate

Go through your donate/sell pile.  Make sure all of these items are safe to give away.  Take donations to their appropriate locations and determine how you’ll go about selling the remaining items.  Who knew you could actually make money by cleaning out your garage?


Now, it’s time to sit back and marvel at all of your hard work. You can rest easy knowing that the garage looks incredible, your car and your mornings will be warmer, and this year’s spring cleaning won’t be nearly as difficult.

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