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5 Inexpensive Ways to Insulate your Windows this Winter

As the season changes and we slip into cooler weather, it’s important to make sure your home is ready. Before you turn the heater on, check your windows to make sure no cold air is getting into your home.

If you find yourself with a drafty home, read this guide for some quick and inexpensive ways to seal and insulate your windows for winter.


Add rope caulk

Rope caulk is a non-hardening, putty-like material that you can use to seal those drafty areas around your windows. The great thing about rope caulk is that installation is extremely simple and you can reuse it for seasons to come. Take as many strands of caulk as you need and mold them around the drafty areas of your window to secure the seal.

Tip: If you find that your caulk is difficult to mold, dip it in lukewarm water for a few seconds to make it more flexible

Projected cost: $5.98/90 ft., Frost King Grey Weather-Strip and Caulking Cord.

Apply V-seal weather stripping

Also called “tension seal,” this method is most commonly used with double-hung windows. It’s a “V” shaped piece of plastic or metal that springs open to bridge gaps in windows.

Cut a piece to the appropriate length, place it along the sides of the window (while it’s open), remove the adhesive backing and press down to secure the seal. If the materials don’t stick well secure the piece using nails.

Projected cost: $3.97/per window, Frost King Self-Adhesive V-Seal Weather Strip.

Use a draft snake

Draft snakes aren’t just for doors; they’re for windows, too! You can find these online or they are super easy to make.

If you decide to make a draft snake, measure the length of the window to determine the amount of fabric you’ll need, sew the fabric into a tube-like structure, and then fill it with dry rice. It’s that easy!

Projected cost: $10-$20 if purchased, about $8-$10 if handmade.

Invest in Honeycomb Shades

While this option may be a little pricier than the others, Honeycomb Shades are sure to last for years to come. These shades offer the best of both worlds because they restrict air passing from windows into rooms and protect your home from UV damage in the summer.

Lucky for you, Honeycomb Shades can be found directly at Dannenmueller Blinds, Shutter, Closets. Give us a call at (270) 441-2305 to learn more!

Projected cost: $45 and up/per shade

Seal with plastic

Sealing with plastic is probably one of the most popular methods of insulating your windows. Kits come with all of the necessary materials to get the job done.

Just place double-sided tape around the window frame, unfold the plastic film and stick the film to the tape. Once the plastic is in place, cut the excess film off and use a hair dryer to shrink the film and secure the seal.

Projected cost: $13.81/per 2 windows, 3M Window Insulator Kit

With these options, we hope you go into the colder months feeling more prepared and with a happier pocketbook.

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