Do you relate to any of these?


I can’t find any of my shoes!

The garage has gotten out of hand…

I wish my kids could find what they need without asking me.


I always feel like the neighbors are looking in…

It looked like a stain…until I realized the sun had faded it!

It’s impossible to get my kid to take a nap in a room where there is constant sunlight.

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Every solution we offer provides both style and function. When we walk into your home we’re immediately assessing:

  • Areas that are clutter prone.
  • The best closet flow for easy access.
  • Furniture and floors at risk of sunlight damage.
  • Level of privacy throughout the home.

During our free in-home consultation, we provide solutions to give you more control over your home. With window treatments or Closetmaid® closet systems, you’re able to maximize space in every closet, control the privacy of your home and filter light to your desired level.

Be Inspired:

White Closet
Closetmaid Wire-Kids-Room
Roller Shades
Dual Shades Bedroom
Closetmaid Wire Laundry Room
Closetmaid Chocolate Laminate Pantry

Why choose a professional installer?

  • Accurate measurements and proper installation. You won’t have a blind that doesn’t fully cover your window. You won’t have a closet that comes off the wall after a few months.


  • We have the knowledge and expertise to look at a closet and make the right placements for accessibility. It’s not just installing a closet system, it’s establishing a flow that kills the clutter and eliminates wasted space.

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They Love It!

“We have used Steve for several years now for closets and blinds. He sells quality and gets the job done quickly and efficiently! We are very happy with his work! He is the best! And always has a smile!”
Linda D.
Satisfied Customer
“We just had faux wood blinds installed in our home! Oh my goodness! Why haven’t we had this done earlier! Thank you for a fabulous job today..quick, and my windows got a little cleaner too!”
Connie T.
Satisfied Customer
“They installed closet shelving and plantation shutters for all of my windows. They did an excellent job on both. They are honest and extremely dependable. They deliver what they promise. Great customer service!”
Diane J.
Satisfied Customer
“This company installed all of the shelving in a brand new house that we built. It was done in a very timely, manner. They were very professional and did not leave any mess at all!”
Tamara D.
Satisfied Customer

“Best decision ever for closet organization and shutters! Best service also!”

Chastity F.
Satisfied Customer

“We used them exclusively for our window treatments when we built our house in 2009! Still enjoying the blinds and shades today! Great quality work!!”

Maurica T.
Satisfied Customer