Never Waste Old Shutters with These DIY Projects

If you recently installed new shutters or are thinking about getting new shutters for your home, don’t throw away your old ones! There are many uses for shutters other than for privacy and keeping out light.

Shutters can be repurposed for other uses such as decoration, organization, furniture and so much more. Repurposing shutters saves you money on household items and can be a fun DIY project.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite ideas for refurbished shutters.

For Your Kitchen

Coffee Mug Rack

Are your cabinets overflowing with coffee mugs? Add a coat of paint and some decorative hooks to make this shutter mug rack look like you bought it at a store. Using an old shutter is a great way to organize all your mugs in a decorative and space saving way.

Kitchen Utensil Holder

Similar to the coffee mug rack, you can use an old shutter to organize all your kitchen utensils. To hang even more utensils and kitchen accessories, you can use more than one shutter like the picture below.  

Photo Credit: Design Sponge

Pantry Doors

Spice up your pantry doors by taking off your old doors and replace them with repurposed shutters. Shutters can add a vintage or modern look to your kitchen depending on which style you’re going for.


For Your Garden

Garden Bench

You can use an old shutter (or two) to make a quaint bench for your garden or backyard. The shutter is used for the seat and the back of the bench. Follow these step-by-step directions from My Repurposed Life to add legs and attach the two shutters.

Plant Holder

Take two shutters and attach them at the top to make an upside “V” for a two-sided plant holder. To hold the plants, you can use a shoe holder (picture below) or you can use wire to make pot holders.


For Your Family Room

Picture Holder

Whether it’s family pictures or your kids’ artwork from school, an old shutter is a decorative way to display them in your home. Use clothespins to clip the pictures to the slats of your shutters. You can also add twine and clip the pictures to the twine to have them hang on your shutter. We recommend that you paint the clothespins to match the color of your shutter.

Magazine Holder

Do you have magazines laying all over your family room or kitchen? Magazines are easy to pile up because no one likes to throw them away. Use an old shutter to organize your magazines in one place that makes them easy to find. Remove every other slat on the shutter to make room to hang your magazines. See directions here. 


Coat Rack

Old shutters make a great coat rack. All you need is some hooks from a home improvement store. You can add anywhere from 3-6 hooks depending how long your shutter is.

To take your coat rack to another level, add another shutter at the top to create a shelf for your keys, gloves, dog leash and much more.

Shutter Shelf from BHG

source: Better Homes and Gardens via


Instead of painting on a canvas, why not paint on a shutter? Shutter paintings might be a little more difficult, but the presentation is more creative and decorative.


For Your Bedroom


Shutters can be used to replace the headboard of your bed. The amount of shutters used will depend on the size of the bed. A queen or king will need at least three shutters. A twin or full sized bed only needs two shutters. Shutter headboards are a fun and different twist for your bedroom. Take a look at these instructions from HGTV. 

Shutter Headboard from HGTV



If you have a lot of old shutters, take them and cover a whole wall. Whether it’s your bedroom or another room in your house, a shutter wall is a creative way to decorate a room. Mix and match sizes and colors to give your wall even more personality.

Olive and Love Shutter Wall


Jewelry Holder

For a small shutter you can make a jewelry holder for all your necklaces and bracelets. You can either add hooks or small knobs to hold your jewelry.

Real Inspired Shutter Jewelry Holder DIY

Source: Real Inspired Blog

Shutters add so much to your home. Whether you need them for privacy or to keep sunlight out, we have the shutters for you. Call us for a free estimate at (270) 441-2305.